Online Learning

Live Interactive Online Webinars in Our Virtual Classrooms

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We are proud to have earned the coveted rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Our live interactive webinars are for people who:

  • cannot find a suitable local trainer or
  • want to train but are unwilling or unable to travel because of cost or time.

If you have never participated in a webinar, we would be happy to schedule a live demonstration for you. Please contact customer service at 888-632-2093 to schedule a free no-obligation demonstration webinar.


What is a Webinar?

Trying out new forms of technology, like webinars, can feel somewhat intimidating, but think about a webinar (also referred to as a webcast, online event, or web seminar) as a way to attend a training class without leaving the office or your home. A webinar is an online event, and through your computer, you can hear the presentation (like a conference call) and see what the instructor is showing the class. You will be able to see the instructor and others attending the program, but they won’t be able to see you unless you activate your camera (a plus if you want to attend in your pajamas!). You will be able to ask questions and join in on discussions like you would if attending in person.


What you will need to join the class:

  • Windows or Mac computer
  • Internet connection (broadband is best)
  • Microphone and speakers, built-in or USB headset (you will get much better audio quality if you use a headset), or phone with unlimited calling.


What time does the class start?

We offer an East Coast and a West Coast Webinar  The local start time is indicated in the table below. The class has a 10-minute break each hour and 30 – 60 minutes for lunch. Classes last 6 – 8 hours, depending on the number of students.  All classes are in English.

U. S. East Coast Webinar Start Times

Eastern            8:30 a.m.
Central             7:30 a.m.
Mountain          6:30 a.m.
Pacific              5:30 a.m.

U. S. West Coast Webinar Start Times

Eastern            11:30 a.m.
Central             10:30 a.m.
Mountain            9:30 a.m.
Pacific                8:30 a.m.


You will need to register ahead of time in order to reserve your space and obtain instructions on how to join the class on the scheduled day and time.

To register, click on the Register Now link located on the description page for the class you would like to take. If you experience any problems registering, please call customer service at 888-632-2093 for help. 

Approximately 48 hours before the class starts, you will receive an email with class log-in information and access to the training manual, handouts, and exercises. If the class uses a textbook, it will be mailed to you. Keep the email confirmation handy because you’ll need the information it provides to log in at the time of the class. 


Joining the Class

Just before the scheduled time of your class, sign into the class by clicking on the link provided in the confirmation email you receive. 



Webinars are structured to be interactive; there will always be a point when the instructor will ask if there are questions or comments. If you are uncomfortable asking questions or making comments aloud, you can type questions into the chat box in the control panel. When you do make a comment or ask a question please identify yourself first; say something like: “Hi, this is Debbie, I have a comment about that….”


Group Training Webinars

Group training webinars are conducted in a conference room, either at your facility or a rented meeting room that is large enough to accommodate all the employees. The class presentation is projected on a screen and over a speaker system. This way the employees can interact with each other, ask questions, and participate in group activities. A designated representative of your company will facilitate the training.