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Business Development Training at Your Site

United Engine Repair, SFO, San Francisco, CA
United Engine Repair, SFO, San Francisco, CA
The Dallas Group, Jeffersonville, IN
The Dallas Group, Jeffersonville, IN
Century Resources, Columbus, OH
Century Resources, Columbus, OH
A+ with the Better Business Bureau

We are proud to have earned the coveted rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

On-site training is for three or more students. For individual training check out our public classes or webinars.

Employee training classes take place in the privacy of your company’s or organization’s facility.  Students can interact with other members of your company or organization to learn the latest business practices and procedures.  Your instructor will be an experienced business professional using facilitative training methods and materials.  Who knows…you might even learn something yourself!


Training Options

If having your employees away from their jobs for one or more days creates a problem, we offer the following options:

  • Half-day classes – For example, If your employees start work at 7 a.m., they would come in and get everything going for the day. The class would begin at 9 a.m., take 30 minutes for lunch and stop at 1:30 pm. Your people would then return to their duties.
  • Staggered classes – Classes can be every other day or once a week or a month.


Group Advantage

Many businesses belong to a business and/or trade association. We often schedule classes for these groups as a cost-saving measure for its members.  There is a significant cost saving for on-site classes.  Why not suggest an on-site class at your next meeting?  Our account managers are available to make a presentation to your group on request.



On-site training class cost is based on the number of participants. On-site training classes are scheduled at your convenience. On-site training classes are offered anywhere within the United States, Canada, and any country deemed safe by the U. S. State Department. Classes are available instructor-led or by a live interactive webinar. Please contact customer service at 888-632-2093 for a quote.

On-site training webinars are conducted in a conference room, either at your facility or a rented meeting room, that is large enough to accommodate all the employees. The class presentation is projected on a screen and over a speaker system. This way the employees can interact with each other, ask questions, and participate in group activities. A designated representative of your company will facilitate the training.


Sponsor a Class at Your Facility

If your company doesn’t have three students to qualify for group training at your facility, your company can be a corporate sponsor of the training at your facility. How it works:

  1. Choose the class you want to sponsor.
  2. Contact customer service at info@academyofbusiness
     providing the class you want to sponsor and your company representative’s contact information.
  3. Customer service will work with your company’s designated representative to choose a mutually convenient training date
  4. The class will be promoted on our website.
  5. If four additional students sign up for the class, the class will be held as scheduled. If not, the class will be rescheduled or canceled.

The corporate sponsor provides a training room, with a large flat screen monitor, that can accommodate six-ten students. The corporate sponsor will receive $500.00 credit for one student registration as compensation.

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