In the Time Management Training Course, you will learn the process of organizing and planning the best way to divide their time between specific tasks and responsibilities.

  • Learn from a professional with 30+ years of business experience.
  • Different versions are available to meet your specific needs.
  • Four ways to learn:¬†public class,¬†webinar,¬†self-study,¬†or¬†on-site¬†training.
  • Public class¬†and webinar limited to four students for maximum learning.
  • Certificate issued on completion.
  • Cost: One Day class $649.00.¬†¬†Available Discounts.
  • The public class and webinar schedule is in the right column.

What will I learn in the Time Management Training Course?

Time management training begins with setting goals. These goals are recorded and broken down into a project, an action plan, or a simple task list. Activities are then rated based on urgency and importance, priorities assigned, and deadlines set. This process results in a plan with a task list or calendar of activities. Routine and recurring tasks are often given less focus to free time to work on tasks that contribute to important goals.

This entire process is supported by a skill set that should include personal motivation, delegation skills, organization tools, and crisis management. We’ll cover all this and more during this class.

Setting SMART Goals

In Module One, you will learn goal setting is critical to effective time management strategies. It is the single most important life skill that most people never learn how to do properly. Goal setting can be used in every area of your life, including financial, physical, personal development, relationships, or even spiritual.

Some people blame everything that goes wrong in their life on something or someone else. They take the role of a victim, and they give all their power and control away. Successful people dedicate themselves towards taking responsibility for their lives, no matter what the unforeseen or uncontrollable events. Live in the present: the past cannot be changed, and the future is the direct result of what you do right now!

Prioritizing Your Time

In Module Two, you will learn time management is about more than just managing our time; it is about managing ourselves in relation to time. It is about setting priorities and taking charge. It means changing habits or activities that cause us to waste time. It means being willing to experiment with different methods and ideas to enable you to find the best way to make maximum use of time.

Planning Wisely

In Module Three, you will learn the hallmark of successful time management is being consistently productive each day. Many people use a daily plan to motivate themselves. Having a daily plan and committing to it can help you stay focused on that particular day’s priorities. You are more likely to get things accomplished if you write down your plans for the day.

Tackling Procrastination

In Module Four, you will learn that procrastination means delaying a task (or even several tasks) that should be a priority. The ability to overcome procrastination and tackle the important actions that have the biggest positive impact on your life is a hallmark of the most successful people out there.

Crisis Management

In Module Five, you will learn that with better planning, improved efficiency, and increased productivity, the number of crises you encounter should decline. However, you can’t plan for everything, so in this module, we’ll look at what to do when a crisis does occur.

Organizing Your Workspace

In Module Six, you will learn to manage your time effectively, and to be productive each day, you must create an appropriate environment. By eliminating clutter, setting up an effective filing system, gathering essential tools, and managing workflow, you will be well on your way to creating an effective workspace.

Delegating Made Easy

In Module Seven, you will learn if you work by yourself, there’s only so much you can get done, no matter how hard you work. Everyone needs help and support, and there is no shame in asking for assistance. One of the most common ways of overcoming this limitation is to learn how to delegate your work to other people. If you do this well, you can quickly build a strong and successful team of people.

Delegation can sometimes feel like more hassle than it’s worth. However, by delegating effectively, you can dramatically expand the amount of work that you can deliver. When you arrange the workload to work on the highest priority tasks for you and other people working on meaningful and challenging assignments, you have a recipe for success.

To delegate effectively, choose the right tasks to delegate, identify the right people to delegate to, and delegate in the right way. There’s a lot to this, but you’ll achieve so much more once you’re delegating effectively!

Setting a Ritual

In Module Eight, you will learn for most people, the word ritual typically conjures up an image of a boring, repetitive life, with every moment controlled and managed, and no room for spontaneity. Rituals and routines, however, can help increase the spontaneity and fun in your life. Because routine tasks are already planned for, you have more energy to spend on the tasks that will bring you closer to your goals and bring more joy to your life.

Meeting Management

In Module Nine, you will learn that meetings are often seen as a necessary evil of office life. Few people look forward to meetings and with good reason. Too many meetings lack purpose and structure. However, with just a few tools, you can make any meeting a much better use of everyone’s time.

Alternatives to Meetings

In Module Ten, you will learn that sometimes, a face-to-face meeting isn’t the best solution. This module will explore alternatives to meetings to help you and your team save time and be more productive.

Each Student Receives:

  • A¬†student manual or textbook¬†for use during and after the class.
  • Instruction from an experienced business professional¬†(minimum of 30 years) with at least five years in a corporate senior management position (CEO, President, COO, Vice President, CFO).
  • Real life exercises¬†to support training materials.
  • Individual attention¬†(classes are limited to four students).
  • Personalized¬†Certificate of Completion.¬†

Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

If you are experiencing problems with any of the following, we can help:

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  • poor internal training development
  • declining or stagnant sales
  • high employee turnover
  • no accountability for managers

Our account managers can work with you to improve the performance of your workforce in two ways:

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Time Management Training Course Outline

Module One: Goal Setting

The Three P’s
S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Prioritizing Your Goals

Module Two: Prioritizing Your Time

The 80/20 Rule
The Urgent Versus Important Matrix

Module Three: Planning Wisely

Creating Your Productivity Journal
Maximizing the Power of Your Productivity Journal
The Glass Jar: Rocks, Pebbles, Sand, and  Water
Chunk, Block, and Tackle
Ready, Fire, Aim!

Module Four: Tackling 

Why We Procrastinate
Nine Ways to Overcome Procrastination
Eat That Frog!

Module Five: Crisis Management

When the Storm Hits
Creating a Plan
Executing the Plan
Lessons Learned

Module Six: Organizing Your Workspace

Managing Workflow
Dealing with E-mail
Using Calendars

Module Seven: Delegating Made Easy

When to Delegate
To Whom Should You Delegate?
How Should You Delegate
Keeping Control
The Importance of Full Acceptance

Module Eight: Setting a Ritual

What is a Ritual?
Ritualizing Sleep, Meals, Exercise
Examples of Rituals
Using Rituals to Maximize Time

Module Nine: Meeting Management

Deciding if a Meeting is Necessary
Using the PAT Approach
Building the Agenda
Keeping Things on Track
Making Sure the Meeting Was Worthwhile

Module Ten: Alternatives to Meetings

Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms
E-mail Lists and Online Groups
Collaborating Applications

Time Management Training Course Public Class and Webinar Schedule

Monday, May 17, 2021 Full
Monday, June 29, 2021
Monday, July 19, 2021
Monday, August 21, 2021
Monday, September 20, 2021
Monday, October 25, 2021
Monday, November 29, 2021
Monday, December 6, 2021

Scheduled dates don’t work for you? Schedule your own start date (subject to availability).  Contact customer service to check date availability at info@academyofbusinesstraining.com.


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