Request a Speaker


Are you looking for a speaker for a local, regional, or national meeting or conference? Would you like a keynote address, plenary session, or breakout session presented at your event?

Our special conference sessions are designed as stand-alone training to inspire your staff and give them the management tools for building a stronger organization.

Sessions are one half to one hour in length and can introduce such topics as customer service, communication skills, setting goals, motivation, leadership, and emerging technologies.

The Academy of Business Training is the leading U. S. provider of short-term (1 – 5 days) college-level manufacturing courses. We use the same textbooks, by well-known publishers like Cengage Learning and Pearson, as major colleges and universities. The most important difference between us and a college or university is ABT instructors have a minimum of 30 years business experience and have held a senior management position for at least 5 years in the course they are teaching. Most business school instructors come from an educational background and have very little on the job experience. When you take an ABT business training class you are learning from a business professional trained in facilitative learning….not educators with no experience. Just like you…they started on the line and worked their way up…so they speak your language and understand what you need to learn.