Most Recent Student Evaluations

Very much liked the small class size. The training manual lays out the business plan perfectly. The class discussions helped me to better understand the information presented. Loved the trainer’s stories and background.

R. K.
Company: Liberty Carton Company

This class is especially useful for anyone looking for ERP systems or implementing new software.

K. K.
Company: Tigé Boats, Inc.

Class was very helpful…will be nice to be “armed with knowledge.

L. B.
Company: Hydro Extrusions

Very helpful to someone new to MRP systems.

M. I.
Company: Hydro Extrusions

I am new to planning and felt that I got a lot out of this course.

M. G.
Company: SRC, Inc.

Topics covered were very specific and relevant to our work environment.

M. D. S.
Company: Hughes-Peters

4.3 Stars

Helps assembly style shops a lot to be more productive.

E. B.
Company: Hughes-Peters

4.3 Stars

Really specific. The instructor was able to answer all my questions.

L. V.
Company: Ambrit Engineering

4.3 Stars

I feel much better about my understanding of a “planner” position.

4 Stars

B. L. L.
Company: Ramco Electric Motors

4.3 Stars

I appreciated being able to have the time to ask questions. The answers were beneficial.

C. S.
Company: Connor Sports