Introduction to Treasury Management Training Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction to Treasury Management

Module 1: The Role of Treasury Management

  • The Role and Organization of Treasury Management
  • Finance and Treasury Organization
  • Corporate Governance

Section 2: The Treasury  Environment

Module One: Regulatory and Legal Environment

  • ​General Regulatory Environment
  • Primary Regulators and Standard Sette of Global Financial Markets
  • U.S. Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Bankruptcy (Insolvency)

Module Two: Banks and Financial  Institutions

  • Financial Institutions: Functions and Services

Module Three: Payment Systems

  • Payment Systems Overview
  • Cash Payments
  • Check-based Payments
  • Large-Value Funds
  • Electronic Transfers
    (Wire Transfer)
  • Small-Value Transfer or Automated Clearing House Systems (ACH)
  • Card-Based Payment Systems

Module Four: Money Markets

  • Global Money Markets
  • Short-Term Money Markets in the United States

Module Five: Capital Markets

  • Overview of Capital Markets
  • Debt Market 
  • Equity Market

Module Six: Management and Vendor Selection

  • Relationship Management
  • Vendor Selection Process
  • Bank Compensation Practices
  • Assessing Service Provider Risk

From Webster, Essential of Treasury Management, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2013 by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP).