Introduction to Treasury Management Training Course

Treasury Management

Learn the role of treasury in the management of a company’s assets, the regulatory and legal environment, the functions and services of banks and financial service institutions, payment systems, money markets, capital markets, and vendor management and selection.

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What Will I Learn in the Introduction to Treasury Management Training Course?

Please note: If your goal is to improve your treasury management skills but you are not interested in taking the Certified Treasury Professional© exam, we recommend you skip this course and take the Working Capital Management Course instead.

The terms treasury management and cash management are often used synonymously but are actually quite different. Treasury management covers all aspects involved in managing an entity’s financial assets (the treasury), while cash management is a subset of treasury management that focuses primarily on the day-to-day management of the entity’s cash flow and liquidity. Cash management typically includes collections, disbursements, banking, and short-term borrowing and investment. Treasury management is the broader topic that goes beyond simple cash management to deal with longer-term borrowing and investing, capital management, and operational, financial, and reputational risk. The ultimate  objective of both treasury management and cash management is to maximize the enterprise’s liquidity while minimizing cost and risk within the overall framework of the firm’s strategic plan.

In this class the student is introduced to the role of the treasury professional and the environment he/she must work in.

This course is part of the Certified Treasury Professional © training.

Introduction to Treasury Management Training Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction to Treasury Management

Module 1: The Role of Treasury Management

  • The Role and Organization of Treasury Management
  • Finance and Treasury Organization
  • Corporate Governance

Section 2: The Treasury  Environment

Module One: Regulatory and Legal Environment

  • ​General Regulatory Environment
  • Primary Regulators and Standard Sette of Global Financial Markets
  • U.S. Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Bankruptcy (Insolvency)

Module Two: Banks and Financial  Institutions

  • Financial Institutions: Functions and Services

Module Three: Payment Systems

  • Payment Systems Overview
  • Cash Payments
  • Check-based Payments
  • Large-Value Funds
  • Electronic Transfers
    (Wire Transfer)
  • Small-Value Transfer or Automated Clearing House Systems (ACH)
  • Card-Based Payment Systems

Module Four: Money Markets

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Introduction to Treasury Management Training Course Public Class and Webinar Schedule

  • Wed., Thurs., and Fri., July 10-12, 2024 Full
  • Wed., Thurs., and Fri., August 7-9, 2024 
  • Wed., Thurs., and Fri., September 4-6, 2024 Full
  • Wed., Thurs., and Fri., October 2-4, 2024
  • Wed., Thurs., and Fri., November 6-8, 2024
  • Wed., Thurs., and Fri., December 4-6, 2024

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Introduction to Treasury Management Training Course CPE Credits Disclosure

Recommended CPE credit: 24
Recommended field of study: Managerial Accounting
Program level: Advanced.
Advance preparation: None
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