Financial Management Training Course Outline

Module 1: Financial Accounting And Reporting

Accounting Concepts and Standards

Global Accounting Standards
U.S. Accounting Standards
U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) Versus International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Financial Reporting Statements

Auditing and Financial Statement Reliability
Types of Financial Statements

Accounting for Derivatives, Hedges, and Foreign Exchange(Fx) Translation

Derivatives and Hedge Accounting
Fx Translation Accounting

Accounting for U.S. Governmental and Not-For-Profit (G/NFP) Organizations 

Module 2:  Financial Planning And Analysis

Time Value of Money

Future Value
Present Value

Capital Budgeting

Identifying Relevant Cash Flows
Determining the Cost of Capital
Using Capital Budgeting Metrics


Budgets and Financial Plans
Uses of Budgets

Cost Behavior

Types of Costs
Break-Even Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis

Liquidity or Working Capital Ratios
Efficiency or Asset Management Ratios
Debt Management Ratios
Profitability Ratios
Integrated Ratio Analysis
Service Industry Ratios
Strengths and Limitations of Ratio Analysis
Common Size Financial Statements
Performance Management
Return On Investment (ROI)
Economic Value Added (EVA)
Free Cash Flow (FCF)

Module 3: The Capital Structure Decision And Management

Capital Structure 

Characteristics of Debt and Equity Capital
Capital Structure Theory
Factors Influencing the Target Capital Structure
Capital Structure for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Raising And Managing Long-Term Capital

Raising Capital
Managing Outstanding Capital

The Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

The Cost of Debt
The Cost of Common Equity
Equation for Calculating the WACC
The WACC And Economic Value Added (EVA)

Lease Financing

Motivation for Leasing Assets
Types of Leases
Estimated Residence Value
Tax Considerations for Leases
Leases Versus Borrow and Buy Decision

Equity Financing and Management

Initial Public Offering (IPO)
The Decision to List Stock
Choice of Exchanges
Types of Stock
Shareholder Rights
Mergers and Acquisitions
At the Market (ATM) Programs

Miscellaneous Corporate Finance Topics

Dividend Policy
Tax Strategies
Reparation of Capital for Multinational Companies (MNCs)Market Analysis and Research Tools