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Lots of information on the little things you overlook when talking to customers.

J. C.

Five Star Rating

Most in-depth training I have received.

F. R.

Five Star Rating

Very educational and eye-opening. I learned in-depth things I thought were not serious.

J. L.

Five Star Rating

I would recommend this class because the class and materials were so well rounded.

E. M. T.

Four Star Rating

I give it a 10 out 0f 10.

T. R. 

Five Star Rating

The only suggestion I have is not to always use the “perfect” world.

Five Star Rating

The training manual very thorough and well designed. It will be a valuable tool in the future.

S. A.

4.5 Rating

Have this without a manager sitting in the classroom so we would be more open about some issues.

S. B.

4.3 Star Rating

I liked the instructor’s answers to some of our group’s difficult questions. Also, I liked hearing what to do concerning third party customers.

B. I. P.

Four Star Rating