Business Coaching Certification Training Outline

Module One: Motivation Theories

  • Using Reinforcement Theory
  • Using Expectancy Theory
  • Personality’s Role in Motivation
  • A Personal Toolbox
  • Motivation on the Job
  • Addressing Specific Morale Issues

Module Two: Setting Goals

  • Introducing the G.R.O.W. Model
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Goals and Motivation
  • Evaluating and Adapting

Module Three: Understanding the 

  • Getting a Picture of Where You Are
  • Identifying Obstacles
  • Exploring the Past

Module Four: Developing Options

  • Identifying Paths
  • Choosing Your Final Approach
  • Structuring a Plan

Module Five: Wrapping it All Up

  • Creating the Final Plan
  • Identifying the First Step
  • Getting Motivated

Module Six: The Importance of Trust

  • What is Trust?
  • Trust and Coaching
  • Building Trust

Module Seven: Providing Feedback

  • The Feedback Sandwich
  • Encouraging Growth and Development
  • 360 Degree Feedback

Module Eight: Overcoming Roadblocks

  • Common Obstacles
  • Re-evaluating Goals
  • Focusing on Progress

Module Nine: Reaching the End

  • How to Know When You’ve Achieved Success
  • Transitioning the Coachee
  • Wrapping it All Up

Module Ten: Training and Mentoring

  • The Basic Differences
  • Blending the Two Models
  • Adapting the GROW Model for Mentoring
  • Focusing on the Relationship