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The training is not rushed and is explained until we understood it.

A. E.
Company: HFI, LLC
Five Star Rating

Instructor was able to answer all my questions.

D. M.
Company: HFI, LLC
Five Star Rating

Instructor is quite knowledgeable on the aspect of accounts payable and industry best practices.

A. M.
Company: The University of the West Indies, Open Campus

Five Star Rating

On the exercises, more true/false and multiple-choice would be preferred.

M. H.
Company: Cepheid
Four Star Rating

Asking what the “student” would like to obtain/learn prior to the course helps the instructor to know what to cover, so the instructor did a great job with that!

S. B.
Company: Nascentia Health

Five Star Rating

Instructor asked challenging questions.

S. J.
Company: Ibxco

Five Star Rating

Very helpful and informative.

A. D. C.
Company: College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

Five Star Rating

Good knowledge and good material to take home.

Company: Community Action Partnership, Lancaster and Saunders Counties
Five Star Rating

Instructor covered everything.

M. A.
Company: Sugar Creek Packing

Five Star Rating

I would recommend this class.

B. D.
Company: Goodwill Columbus

Four Star Rating